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Thread: Wife got her LTCH in 7 days....

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    Thumbs up Wife got her LTCH in 7 days....


    As promised, I would give an update on the time for my wife's LTCH.

    We had been hearing stories about how long the process was taking.

    We went online and followed all the instructions, did the L1, set up the appt. for the fingerprints.

    It took longer for us to find a parking spot than it did for the fingerprints.

    We then went fromt the State Bbuilding to City Hall and did the fingerprinting process there.

    All stuff was submitted on a Friday morning.

    The following Friday, her LTCH arrived in the mail.

    We got it laminated on Saturday and the girl at the Office Depot screwed it up.
    She couldn't cut a straight line with a pair of scissors to save her life.

    The LTCH is still good. It was just a shoddy cut job...

    Looking back, I see that she actually got hers 1 day quicker than I did mine...

    It's a good process....if you follow the instructions, it flows pretty quickly...
    "Go back to sleep....Your Government will take care of you...."

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    Glad it went smoothly for you both. That's the way it should be.

    Hope she finds something comfortable for carrying whether open or concealed.

    Here are a bunch of links to holster mfg including flashbang, bellybands, etc. I'd love to split up the list but so many have offerings in different styles.

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