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Thread: Gun conrtol group still sees no value in LACs?

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    Gun conrtol group still sees no value in LACs?

    The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) is closely watching the situation in Ferguson, Missouri and we are deeply disturbed by what we see unfolding there.

    Odd, you did not see any violence at the Bundy ranch incident to equal these unarmed folks' treatment by the guberment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcbeth View Post
    From the article:
    The situation in Ferguson should also be cause for reflection on the continuing arms race between civilians and law enforcement in our country. We must recognize that Ferguson is not the norm. The overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers are good men and women who are legitimately concerned about the type of firepower they are now being confronted with on America’s streets. This arms race is making our neighborhoods more dangerous and benefitting only one party: the gun industry, which sees continuing escalation as a business opportunity. We must all come together—civilians and law enforcement alike—to curb the proliferation of military-style firepower in our society.


    Finally, we acknowledge the comparisons that many are drawing between what is happening in Ferguson and the armed standoff that took place at the Bundy ranch this past April. The dramatic differences in law enforcement response to the two events are difficult to ignore. Why are white pro-gun activists able to point loaded firearms at law enforcement and avoid accountability under the law altogether while unarmed, peaceful African-American citizens are met with a militarized police force and mass arrests? The most important idea in American political philosophy is that of equality. That principle has been sorely tested by these events, and must ultimately be vindicated by the rule of law.
    Going off of their statement, I guess I just lost my citizenship (born and raised in the U.S.) and became a "white Hispanic" (despite no European blood coming into my ancestral line for at least the past four generations).

    As to the "military-style firepower", I wholeheartedly agree that we should curb the proliferation of actual weapons of war being deployed as extra police assets for "riot control", i.e. NEW full-auto guns that are denied to the citizenry and armored vehicles meant to withstand IEDs in Iraq.
    I wonder, if they feel so strongly against "military-STYLE" weapons, why they remain so quite about actual military weapons of war being "repurposed" for patrolling our streets?
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