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Thread: still sheriff but can't carry service firearm

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    still sheriff but can't carry service firearm

    not sure how the citizens feel about this situation:

    After Tafoya bonded out of jail, he called the FBI and reported the incident.

    Both men (sheriff and son) are charged with conspiracy against free exercise of civil rights, deprivation of rights and aiding and abetting and falsification of documents. Rodella is also facing a charge of brandishing a firearm.

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    Thanks for posting- I hadn't heard about this.

    What is it with some of these Sheriffs? The guy up here in Santa Fe a few years ago is now a convicted felon for stealing and selling county property.

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    Sheriffs are elected officials ... being able to shoot is not a requirement. Could a disabled quadriplegic be a sheriff...sure.

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    If you live in NM or know a bit more about it than tourists do, you're probably aware that the town of Espanola is also known as "Espancholo."

    So, I'm not surprised by gangster-punk bully/intimidate/assault behavior there, but am a tad surprised said behavior was by a LEO.
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