Took the fam to Chickasaw State Park recently. Had an interaction with an armed Ranger in the dark while picking up some firewood. I was slightly uneasy that he might freak out in the dark but things went good. The dialog was something like:

"I'm assuming you have a permit for that, right?"
"What, the pistol?"
"Yup, sure do."
"Okay. I don't need to see it or nothin'. I mean, I figure you wouldn't be open carrying it like that unless you had a permit."

He helped me get some firewood and was very helpful in general.

Next day, we went to the park restaurant. The manager said positive things about me OCing and said she usually carries, too, but wasn't that day. I think she was saying that she normally open carries as opposed to concealing. She also said she is known as "the pistol packin' mama". This, after she was "almost murdered once" and started carrying after that. Had a good conversation with the waitress as well. She is into guns and knives.

On the way out, I met another open carrier who had a .38. He said he carries a Ruger .454 when he goes to Memphis, lol. We talked for a bit.

I felt very welcome to OC there and I appreciated that. Maybe there's hope for this world, afterall.