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Thread: Open Message to Tom Foley

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    Open Message to Tom Foley

    An open message to Tom Foley:

    As a legal investigator for Attorney Rachel M. Baird who has represented a number of individuals with firearm issues, and a director of Connecticut Carry Inc., I have acquired a working knowledge of many common firearm problems that exist in Connecticut.

    Asan advocate of Federal and State constitutional rights, I am dedicating my support to candidates for public office who are open minded and willing to address the current problems with existing Connecticut firearm laws, regulations, policies and practices.

    I can assureyou that if you desire the support of the 200,000 plus individuals in the Connecticut firearm community, you must first offer a solid and sincere commitment to support and defend the Federal and State Constitutional right to KEEP and BEAR arms.

    Recognizing that the office of Governor does NOT have authority to amend or repeal state law(s), I suggest a firm commitment to address current firearm problems that exist in Connecticut.

    Please consider the following commitment/statement:

    When elected Governor of Connecticut, Iwill use the authority of the Governor's office to promptly investigate, review and address the concerns of allsides regarding the acquisition, possession, transfer and carrying of firearm in Connecticut.
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