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Thread: Tacoma/Lakewood Open Carry Meetup

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    Tacoma/Lakewood Open Carry Meetup

    I'm looking to get together on a regular basis with folks in the Tacoma/Lakewood area. Now that I have a car of my own, I have the ability to go outside my normally accessible areas that I use to only be able to reach by bus. I want to start meeting with people from my local area and make some new friends and meet people that I have talked with on the phone or through messaging on OCDO.

    Best time of the month for me due to my limited income is the beginning of the month. I have a couple ideas. We could do something fairly simple such as meeting up at a local park and just have sandwiches and drinks or we can meet at a local java shop (not Starbucks).
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    hey grim, I was looking to do another south sound meet in September, mabey we can arrange something.
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