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Thread: Return of the '1st amendment zone'?

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    Return of the '1st amendment zone'?

    You may remember the 1st amendment zone. Apparently law enforcement in Ferguson thinks it needs to be retested. Edit: It does not actually say that the "zone" was set up by police and that people were directed by police to remain within designated areas, but it would appear that the journalist was arrested for refusing to remain within a designated area or leave a certain area where police apparently didn't like him standing.

    'An “organised protest zone” was set up close to the convenience store where unarmed teenager Michael Brown allegedly stole cigars minutes before he was shot by a police officer. Media were directed to view the zone from another area opposite it. Olson was across the street from the press area when he was detained.'

    I guess they just can't help themselves, that it's be too much to ask to not abridge people's rights.
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    There can be no doubt that the reporters safety was in question else the cops would not have lead him to safety.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OC for ME View Post
    There can be no doubt that the reporters safety was in question else the cops would not have lead him to safety.
    They should move everyone to that spot then ....

    Designated areas are a no no ... these reporters are grown-ups and understand the risks.

    And how many reporters have made their claim to fame by being beaten or shot when covering a story? They love it.

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