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Thread: California teens arrested for plotting school shooting spree.

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    California teens arrested for plotting school shooting spree.

    South Pasadena police did not reveal the details of the search, the suspects’ names or the location of the teens’ detention. But in a statement, police said “enough evidence was discovered, and based on that evidence the two students were arrested. … [One] resisted arrest and officers had to force entry into his residence. He was captured in the home as he tried to run away from the arresting officers,” the Utah People’s Post reported.

    South Pasadena Police declared on Monday that they had stopped a mass shooting plot by arresting two teenagers who were plotting to kill several staff members and as many students as they could at the high school they were attending, the South Pasadena High School.
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    Gotta love the comments. No details whatsoever other than the police statement, but the kids are judged guilty and should be sent off to a detention camp...
    Han shot first.

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    It is to be noted that the 'tipsters' received a strong nod. If school officials get a search warrant in my home that turns up empty.. can I sue?

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    What are your thoughts on this matter? What do you think the sentence should be for these two teenagers? Share your comments with us in the section below, we would love to hear what you have to say on this subject!
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    It looks like one of the kids told an administrator of their plot? Time to go back to Plotting 101 and re-take that course.

    We'll see.

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    California has strict gun control laws, and a school is a gun free zone, so it can't be true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingWolf View Post
    California has strict gun control laws, and a school is a gun free zone, so it can't be true.
    This made my day, glad someone understands this is impossible
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