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Thread: Castle Rock Special Election

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    Castle Rock Special Election

    I'll be curious to see the results of this one. I'm hoping that the turnout favors OC/2A, but I'm not real sure.

    I turned in my ballot this afternoon and there seemed to be a slow steady stream of folks doing the same. Going into the town hall with an empty holster/mag holder must have given my vote away.

    I was proud to say my daughter voted for the first time, and of course she voted correctly as did my wife.

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    I've been awaiting the results of this one, since i visit CR quite often - my did and his wife live there, and sometimes he likes to open carry, as well.

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    I go to Castle Rock once a week (for a class).

    Of course, I OC while up there, but aside from going to Lost Coffee and possibly a King Soopers or Safeway there, I really don't need to go to any of those "special places" the city is looking to make GFZs.

    Still, I hope it doesn't happen...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zach View Post
    I'm hoping that the turnout favors OC/2A, but I'm not real sure.
    Sadly just because someone says they're pro-2A doesn't automatically mean they're pro-OC. Too often, in fact, I see just the opposite: someone who pounds their chest proclaiming RKBA but is actively hostile to OC.
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