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Thread: which would be better for my gun?

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    which would be better for my gun?

    ok i have posted on here about my safariland 568 and a suncraft nylon holster. my safariland is leather. i have always open carried so holster type didn't matter much but now i have my ccdw permit and need help. i will be carrying a ruger police service six 4 inch barrel 357 magnum concealed.which would be better to do this with? i can't afford another gun at this time or a more expensive holster. if the nylon would be better a friend is gonna buy the safariland, if it will be better then i already have it. if my plans go as planned i'll be getting a smaller gun in 2-3 months and with it a better holster. so my question is with my current gun, which holster the safariland 568 or one of the nylon pancake holsters? if ya'll have an inexpensive holster that would work let me know, thanks for any help

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    Go to a store that sells both. Ask permission to take each one out of the packaging to test for fit. Loosen your belt, insert the holster between shirt and pants, and scrub real hard. That's what it's going to feel like at the end of the day.

    And why are you discussing concealed carry on a forum devoted to open carrying? Take your heresy to some place where they deal with that sort of behavior.

    stay safe.
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