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Thread: Have a "puppy dog" look? You can now o out and feel secure from searches

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    Have a "puppy dog" look? You can now o out and feel secure from searches

    puppy dog look,
    defined as the look a puppy gives a person when it has done
    something wrong and the puppy knows it has done something wrong, is an insufficient
    basis to stop and detain an individual who has otherwise done nothing to indicate he or
    she is committing, has
    committed, or is about to commit a crime

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    Another aspect of the state's argument for the 'inevitable discovery' of the kia and subsequent evidence... they assume that the rental company would think the contents suspicious and thus inevitably report it. I don't think they would. The car was rented by 'green', the receipts in the bags would most likely also be under 'green' as the ones in the ladies hands were at Nordstroms. (I don't recall the judge in this document mentioning the name associate with the bags in the kia) How would they find this suspicious? I doubt they would delve into every specific item in the car/bags and somehow think that any fraud was going on. They'd contact the renter of the car to get their property back (renter known as 'green'... probably the number they had on file would connect to the ladies who fraudulently rented it and not the real 'green')
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