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Thread: The EU, Climate change, and the giant sucking sound.

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    The EU, Climate change, and the giant sucking sound.

    Ten days left to vacuum up a powerful cleaner

    I don’t see the point of this. Vacuum cleaners run for a few minutes each week. The amount of energy saved in this transient use of the appliance will be miniscule in the scheme of things. I visualize a black market developing for more powerful vaccum cleaners, an aftermarket retrofit to replace motors with more powerful ones, and a lot of purchases made outside of the EU. One more reason to dump the EU- they are going to make criminals out of average people who just want to keep their home clean. – Anthony

    Same ol' same old, except for this from the WUWT comments:
    Eric Worrall says:
    August 22, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    In a totalitarian state, the measure of your power is how much misery you can cause.

    Anyone can be nice – but spreading pain and misery proves to your colleagues that you are powerful.

    Brussels - Who wants to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner, you should hurry: from September 2014 delivers the new EU Ecodesign directive for vacuum cleaners in force. In the future, they must be marked with the EU energy label and meet the increased minimum requirements for energy efficiency. The practical household helpers may then only be throttled with a maximum rated power consumption of 1600 watts, sold from September 2017 to then only 900 watts are allowed.[url][/url
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    My vacuum is rated at 2 Poncelets ....

    The power measure of devices has always been goofy ... depends on the test.

    Remember HP of lawnmowers and tractors? They monkeyed around with those so that a 10 HP motor is really only a 5 HP motor.

    The question is: should the gov't be concerned with legislation regarding efficiency/power consumption of anything. Cars (with MPG standards for manufacturers) for example. Falls into same discussion of maximum vacuum watts.

    If one does not have an issue with gov'ts regulating MPG of cars, refrig. efficiencies, AC/HVAC etc then the same person's argument about vacuums fail IMO.

    I think that people support lowering overall energy consumption and support these measures.
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