I've been trying to find a clear definition in the Liquor Control Board laws of what constitutes an area off-limits to a minor. I can only find a FAQ-style section talking about the definition of "liquor bar" and what parts of hotels are off-limits to minors. I can't find any complete definition of "portion of an establishment classified by the state liquor control board as off-limits to persons under twenty-one years of age". It's quite clear from 9.41.300 that the rules of the establishment, by themselves, do not make an area off-limits for carry (unless there's a specific law I haven't found stating that establishment rules are considered enforced). For instance, if a restaurant serves alcohol to players of its arcade games and says that its arcade games are off-limits to people under 21, and the arcade games aren't in an area otherwise prohibited to minors by the LCB, there is absolutely no state prohibition against carrying at the arcade games. In that regard, FAQ number 10 in this state forum is inaccurate, or incomplete at best (again, unless there's a specific law I haven't found).

So what is the complete definition of "portion of an establishment..."?