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Thread: Utah towns purge their gun laws

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    Utah towns purge their gun laws

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    If it were any other place i'd have suggested an immediate demonstration in defiance of something that clearly is not law and cannot be enforced as soon as it was enacted. Of course being a cemetary it's rather different and such a tactic would cause considerable distress to mourners. Well, glad this is being sorted finally.
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    Can't shoot it? What the heck!

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    My assumption is that this is mere housekeeping of the books, which is still a good thing, of course.

    Had there been any actual issues and harassments/detainments from the old laws in some areas?
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    I am glad to read that there is/was an exception for discharging a firearm (with blanks) during military honors ceremonies, but the ordinance should have also included an exception for discharging a firearm during the lawful defense of self or others.
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