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Thread: Perfecta 9mm Ammo

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    Perfecta 9mm Ammo

    Went to Walmart last friday and saw this brand of ammo. The price was $10.54 before taxes for 50rds.

    I asked the sales associated if he had heard anything about that specific ammo. He said people had been complaining about it but could not really tell me what people didnt like. So I figured for $10 I could give it a try.

    My Ruger SR9c cycled it nicely. I only had a failure to feed once after I loaded up the magazine and cocked the slide. So it could have been me and not the round.


    Has anyone given this ammo any reviews?


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    I bought some. Ran it through my Sig and my H&K. No issues.
    I looked up reviews online before I bought it. I found a lot of great reviews. People really seem to like it.
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    I use it to plink/practice with in my XD9. Havent had any issues. It cost 13.97 at my walmart (Booo!). I think its fairly decent ammo for the price, esp if you just want to throw some lead down range.

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    Ran in my M&P 9 and Shield 9 both just fine through 100 rounds. I like it for the price.
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    Seems to be a Fiocchi Munizioni product.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OC for ME View Post
    Seems to be a Fiocchi Munizioni product.
    Then it's probably good stuff.
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    I picked up a hundred rounds of it recently because I was running low on target 9mm. They didn't have any Federal or WWB, so I took the plunge.

    I haven't fired any of it yet, but I'm supposed to go shooting tomorrow, so if I can remember I'll update this thread with a report of my own.
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    I use Perfecta 9mm all the time. Cheap ammo for the range. Also use it in my Hi point carbine. No problems at all.

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