I had several cases pending before the commission in respect to secret meetings held by members of the bipartisan task force that produced PA13-3.

The FIC of course decided not to hear the cases because I complain too much about things, like these secret meetings !

they held onto these FOIA Act complaints as long as possible, beyond the time allowed by law IMO to decide not to schedule the cases for hearings.

So I filed a motion to superior court demanding that the commission hear the cases....they apparently did not like that and filed a motion to dismiss on 9 AUG 14 listing frivolous reasons for the dismissal to be granted. I will file my objection tomorrow. I'm certain that the court will deny the motion to dismiss and grant an order to compel the FIC to hear the cases.

Then the fun will start ... the evidence I have of the secret meetings held in violation of the open meetings provisions is iron clad. Admissions from the folks who were in the secret meetings and paperwork evidencing the meetings.

Once a determination that the SB 1160 was created from secret meetings, then the Act fails as the law does not allow such processes and takes a dim view of legislation created in that manner.