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Thread: Silvester vs Harris: "10-day waiting periods of Penal Code violate the 2nd Amendment"

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    Silvester vs Harris: "10-day waiting periods of Penal Code violate the 2nd Amendment"

    This issue kicked off three years ago, but has been brewing for decades. Interestingly, a whole slew of issues are before the courts these days, including whether or not and to what extent similar laws cross the line between "protecting the public" into infringing on the right to keep and bear arms.

    "California Senior U.S. District Court Judge Anthony W. Ishii found that “10-day waiting periods of Penal Code violate the Second Amendment” as applied to people who fall into certain classifications. He found this arbitrary wait time “burdens the Second Amendment rights of the plaintiffs.” (The decision can be read here.) This court decision orders the California Department of Justice to allow the “unobstructed release” of guns to those who pass a background check and possess a California license to carry a handgun, or who hold a Department of Justice-issued Certificate of Eligibility and already possess at least one firearm known to the state. Basically, it says if someone already legally has a gun in California the state can’t make that person wait 10 days for a second gun just because it wants to." - Source: Forbes
    The First protects the Second, and the Second protects the First. Together, they protect the rest of our Bill of Rights and our United States Constitution, and help We the People protect ourselves in the spirit of our Declaration of Independence.

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    And so my question is this...

    Who pays the penalty for constructing such a law that infringes on the rights of all?

    If there ever was a case for extending the definition of treason(which should be higher than any felony), this is what iot should be for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Custodian View Post
    Who pays the penalty for constructing such a law that infringes on the rights of all?
    You do silly.....see? The system works.

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    There are 56 other states to choose from...except those other states that do not recognize the 2A.
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