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Thread: They're B-A-C-K - metal detectors at Capitol bldg - clear violation of 1-225(e)

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    They're B-A-C-K - metal detectors at Capitol bldg - clear violation of 1-225(e)

    CGS Sec. 1-225(e) states:

    (e) No member of the public shall be required, as a condition to attendance at a meeting of any such body, to register the member’s name, or furnish other information, or complete a questionnaire or otherwise fulfill any condition precedent to the member’s attendance.

    Unlike CGS Sec. 1-210(b)(19), CGS Sec. 1-225 of our FOI Act does not have any exemptions or exceptions to 1-225(e)'s provision that allows folks to freely gain access to public meetings.

    Remember JAN 13's meeting concerning a gun bill .. they had a metal detector people had to go through ... and made people wait out in the cold and snow for an hour or two?

    Making people go through a checkpoint is illegal. Relief can be sought by a letter to the freedom of information commission ( ) even via an email letter.

    By putting in metal detectors at the capitol bldg., they are violating the law. Its your right to enter and exit a meeting w/o being searched or hassled.

    If you visit the capitol for a meeting and are subjected to the metal detector treatment, complain...a simple email complaint like:

    Freedom of Information Commission
    18-20 Trinity St.
    Hartford, CT 06106

    [date of letter]

    Dear Freedom of Information Commission,

    On [date] I went to attend a [meeting description] at the capitol bldg located at 210 Capitol Dr., Hartford, CT 06106. Upon reaching the building I was required to go through a metal detector, was forced to wait a long time causing me to miss part of the meeting, and subjected to a set of questions prior to me being able to attend the public meeting.

    I believe that the actions taken in not allowing me free access to a meeting violates provisions of the FOI Act and I would like the Freedom of Information Commission to make findings and orders as necessary to insure that I have free access to meetings in the future and for finding(s) and orders that my rights under the FOI Act were violated on the date described above.

    Submitted by:

    name, address, phone

    You can email to :
    Mail it to address noted
    Or file it in person [get a file stamped copy if you wish - bring a copy with you] at address above..its across the street from the capitol bldg on Trinity Ave, next to Sec. of State bldg...

    It can be hand written .... so if violated, get a piece of paper, write the letter and hand deliver it across the street to the commission if you wish.

    Above is a sample letter ... you can change the facts to meet your set of individual circumstances.

    We should not have to be searched to go to a public meeting. For ANY reason.

    If you refused to go through the metal detectors and they refused you entry (ask if its mandatory-note who said it --- in commission proceedings hearsay is allowed) you can also file a complaint.
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