Reading the case above ^^ angelsea productions v. Connecticut commission on human rights, supreme court decision
in conjunction with various federal court ruling regarding the right to obtain and maintain proficiency of firearms..and the requirement of the BFPE to act promptly (that varies in as far as time goes - depends on circumstances) ...

And looking at the supreme court decision regarding that commission's inaction resulting in their jurisdiction being divested ... I would think that all BPFE cases not heard within 6 months divests the board with jurisdiction in the cases. Why? Because you have the right to practice to maintain your proficiency with your gun and you cannot take your handgun to a range (or leave your home) w/o a permit.

So any cases past 6 months (the time period that the Army has stated that when range time is needed to
maintain proficiency) would divest the BPFE of jurisdiction in the cases.

This argument has never been made before ..... \