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Thread: A new week, a new fire mission

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    A new week, a new fire mission

    Should children be allowed to shoot under adult supervision? Hiding in the "International" version, way down at the bottom.
    52% against as of 3:30PM Tuesday.
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    Done. 51% against currently.

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    Should I vote no? I don't care if they learn under adult supervision or not.

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    The wording is very poorly selected if they intend to not be biased.

    Should children be allowed to shoot guns?

    Should children be allowed to learn?

    Only with adult supervision?

    Better: I approve/disapprove that children be allowed to learn the safe handling of guns and then being allowed to shoot with responsible supervision.

    I think then only hard nosed antis would disapprove.
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    51% - 49%. They lost a point and we gained one.

    If poll questions were ever structured to pose the question that would provide the answer the pollster was seeking we would see pigs flying. Neither the accuracy of the question nor the accuracy of the response counts - it's just did "Our Side" or "Their Side" get more votes. Nobody cares about anything else.

    So even if you don't care if children learn to shoot or not you should vote just so your appathy is not counted on "Their Side".

    stay safe.
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    I hit it the day this was posted but the weather has slowed my system down so much I still haven't gotten a vote count to come up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peter nap View Post
    I hit it the day this was posted but the weather has slowed my system down so much I still haven't gotten a vote count to come up.
    As of 2:11 pm today:

    Should children be allowed to learn to shoot guns under adult supervision?
    Total votes: 1782
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    With the poll on the CNN web site, I am surprised that the "YES" votes reached 49%.

    I would like to see the results of the same poll on the Fox News website.

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