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Thread: Newport News picnic in jeopardy

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    Newport News picnic in jeopardy

    The Newport News picnic appears to be in jeopardy.

    There are only three (3) days to go until Sunday, and the response appears to be that there will be too much picnic and not enough picnicers.

    If you are going, or even thinking of going, head over to the picnic thread and let them know. A head count wil let them know if it's worth the effort.

    stay safe.
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    Rain or shine

    thanks for the post Skid, I/we have put a lot of time and effort in this. I hope it goes well. I of course am hoping for a big turnout and a great time. I know some people will be there. No idea how many but at least some will be I know. People have been asking for a picnic and after some deal of difficulty I finally rented the best shelter in the Newport News park system. So, I hope every body comes out and has a big time.

    Hopefully, the weather will be favorable. If not, we'll have Woodstock II. HA


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    Ron I hope to make it. The wife had surgery a few weeks ago and depends on how she is feeling. Goes to doc for follow up tomorrow.

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    I would have gone even though I'm not a member any longer but this was relatively short notice during a very busy season. Hope everyone that does go has a good time.

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    Status update

    Here is what I have on the list over in the "events" section;

    paper plates--Ron Hutchinson
    napkins--Roy Hutchinson
    plastic forks/knives/spoons----Andy and Lori
    plastic wrap
    charcoal---Pete Clark
    charcoal starter
    bottled water
    soft drinks--Country Time Lemonade--Rich 5 gal cooler jug, hafnhaf
    diet soft drinks----HAFNHAF??
    baked beans---Rich
    hot dogs---VCDL
    hot dog buns---VCDL
    hamburger buns----Skid Mark
    potato chips
    more ice
    plastic cups----Mike
    potato salad---Mike (the other Mike!)
    macaroni salad-Rich, Mike (the other Mike)
    mac & cheese

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