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Thread: Gun rights restoration is a state-by-state process

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    Gun rights restoration is a state-by-state process

    Since publishing my article about Virginia not recognizing out-of-state gun-rights restorations I have been inundated with questions.

    The first group of questions prompted a second article about whether a non-resident with a Virginia conviction could get their gun rights restored in Virginia. The answer by the way … was “No.”

    The second group of questions was about restoration for federal offenses. The short answer for those questions is “There currently is no method by which you may have your rights restored.”

    That left those questions asking some version of whether another state would recognize the gun rights of those who have had them restored in Virginia. Before going into the details, let me go ahead and tell you the answer … “Probably not.”

    When I shared this answer with one client, he asked if I thought such a ban would survive a court challenge. I told him that I believe it would and here is why:

    Read more at The Law Office of John Pierce, Esq.

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    Good write up .. if one believes that folks in robes can vote on our rights of course.

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    That loud noise was the sound of the legal door slamming shut.

    Protection of your RKBA is far better than trying to get them restored.
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