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Thread: Louisiana vehicle Gun Storage Law Overturned

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    Louisiana vehicle Gun Storage Law Overturned

    The ruling removes contradictions and allows gun owners to keep their guns in their vehicle while stopping at restaurants, bars, and stores that sell alcohol.

    "Chief U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson ruled that a Baton Rouge, La., law prohibiting storage of firearms in vehicles while the owner is in an establishment that serves alcohol is unconstitutional.

    In October of 2012, Ernest Taylor of Baton Rouge was pulled over by police for a routine traffic stop. Taylor was arrested because he informed them that he had guns in his car and he had just left a place that serves alcohol.

    In September, Taylor challenged the law, claiming that it contradicts a 2008 Louisiana state law which permits firearms in locked vehicles in any designated parking area. The Baton Rouge ordinance clearly states that possession of firearms in any parking lot of an establishment that serves alcohol is illegal.

    “Thus, any law-abiding citizen who exercises his or her right to keep or bear arms within the confines of his or her personal vehicle will violate [the ordinance] anytime he or she, for example, stops to refuel a vehicle at a service station that sells alcohol, or stops to purchase groceries at a grocery store that sells alcohol. Similarly, the ordinance prohibits law-abiding citizens from purchasing and possessing firearms at any establishment that sells alcohol, thereby rendering the sale of firearms at establishments like Wal-Mart a criminal act,” the judge wrote in his order.

    See more at link above... This is related to carry..
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    Another court opinion exampling the infringements on our rights.

    Thanks for posting.

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    When was Louisiana annexed by Michigan? I didn't get the memo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apjonas View Post
    When was Louisiana annexed by Michigan? I didn't get the memo.
    I suspect, when Bailenforcer posted this three months ago in the Michigan forum, it was to demonstrate the similarities of the contradictions in La laws compared to Michigan's where possession of firearms on the "premises" of establishments licensed to sell alcohol is prohibited unless the individual meets one or more of the provisions in 750.234d(2). Personally, I don't believe this to be true as likely, hundreds of thousands of folks (non-license/permit holders) each year transporting firearms while stopping/frequenting establishments licensed to sell alcohol would be in violation. Perhaps it's not enforced or just simply overlooked by LE?

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