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Thread: Funny OC encounters today

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    Funny OC encounters today

    For all the times I've openly carried a pistol in NH (which is almost any time I'm not at work), I've never had anyone mention it or act uncomfortable. Today, I had three "encounters", as such, two of them perfectly positive.

    I walked into a local restaurant today for a campaign event, and as soon as I was through the door one of the county commissioners was sitting right at eye level with my strong side.

    "Is that loaded?"

    "Of course it is. I don't carry rocks!"

    He jumped up and shook my hand with a grin.

    Next stop, Walmart. Uneventful as always, but three guys wearing fire department biker vests (but all way too fat to be firefighters, and one with a permanent serious limp) took it upon themselves to do the world's worst job of tailing me through the store. I always make it a point to make eye contact, smile, and nod at people, but it was getting awkward with these guys, since one or two of them would be around every corner I turned, then immediately find something else to look at.

    They obviously weren't from around here, and I'm from a helluva long way from here!

    Then I stopped at a cafe to pick up a sandwich for my lovely bride. A waitress asked, "So, are you like an undercover cop?" I laughed and said, "If I was, I wouldn't be very undercover!"

    She went on to tell me about her brother who carries, but he usually just sticks his gun in his back pocket, so she jokes with him that he's going to blow his butt off by accident.

    I didn't bother telling her that I frequently "pocket carry", with guns that are safe to do so.

    Today's events were in the far north, in Jefferson, Littleton, and Whitefield.

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    Thanks for posting, I like to read about others experiences while open carrying. Always glad to hear when they don't involve negative LE encounters too.

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    good stories! thanks for sharing.

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