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Thread: Open Carry at Art in the Park

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    Open Carry at Art in the Park

    The wife and I went to Art in the park at Julia Davis park in Boise on Saturday. It's where artist come together to sell their goods and it's really an artsy/fartsy event.

    We arrived around 10:30am and had to park 9-10 blocks away from the park and walk in like many others. We spent about three hours there, it was fairly crowded, and I only had three contacts of any meaning. The first was a woman pushing a stroller, and she said to me on the way into the park " I see that you are armed and dangerous" her tone of voice, delivery of what she said, and the smile on her face indicated she was just teasing me. My reply was "armed, yes, Dangerous, no." in a friendly response. My second encounter was with a Democrat trying to sign people up for the Democrat party. He comes over to me, over others he could of approached, and begins trying to get me to sign up, I shake my head no and reply at the same time," No thanks, I am not a Communist". He now seems to notice my pistol, turns 90 degrees without saying anything and double times it out of there. Best laugh for the day. The third contact was a older woman and her husband, who approached me and asked if I was security? I replied " No, Idaho is an open carry state". The couple says " I didn't even notice you had a gun, we just found this hat and are looking for lost and found". Well, it appears they and I both made Assumptions about each other.

    I noticed security keeping an I on me, but never was approached by them or the police that were there. I did not notice anybody else open carrying there which is a shame. All in all a good day, just spent to much on food and stuff.

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    Well Done!

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