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Thread: Showing ID

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    Showing ID

    Is it required to show Id if a police officer asks for it in ct? What about carry permit if you are open carrying?

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    As the State of Connecticut only issues licenses and permits and not identification cards and further does not require one to carry identification... No.

    However and on a state-by-state basis, one may be accused of obstruction if one does not identify oneself (note, Not 'produce' identification') if:
    • They are a SUSPECT. That is, the officer has reasonable suspicion the person has committed or is about to commit a crime.
    • They are a WITNESS The officer has good reasons to believe the person’s identification is important to leading to credible evidence in an investigation.
    • They fail to provide their name during BOOKING
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    CT is not a stop and ID state either ... if they stop you ... do not agree to provide them with anything, even your name.

    Make them arrest you...I have not been able to get one to arrest me yet when asked any interrogatories .. that I tell them to drop dead.

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