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Thread: Brady CPGV targets on-line ammo retailers in lawsuit.

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    Brady CPGV targets on-line ammo retailers in lawsuit.

    The lawsuit in the Aurora, Colorado, case will be filed on behalf of Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter Jessica Ghawi was killed on July 20, 2012, when Mr. Holmes allegedly gunned down 12 people at a Century movie theater. The official announcement was set to be made Tuesday in Denver, KDVR reported.
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    Now why would you file such a suit. Its DOA. Your kid is dead and you want further anguish of a losing lawsuit?

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    Yeah, I know it's the Brady Bunch filing and they would never do such a thing, but the theater is the firm that should, if anyone, be sued for failure to protect their customers and refusal to allow those customers to protect themselves.

    All the anti-gunners, such as the Brady Bunch and Moms Demand Action (or whatever they're calling themselves now), have to go on is emotional appeals. Every fact that I've seen tends to point out that "No Weapons" zones are really "No Defense - Helpless Victims" zones.

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