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Thread: Interesting Experience at Two Different Gun Stores

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    Interesting Experience at Two Different Gun Stores

    About a month back, I bought a(used) gun from Dan's Discount Jewelry and Pawn in Lexington(New Circle Road). When I bought the gun, they insisted on giving me a trigger lock and a Youth Handgun Safety Notice pamphlet...I tried to refuse both, but as I said they insisted. I've bought guns from Dan's before(although not this location) and was never offered either of these, although I'm sure they would have given them to me if asked.

    Yesterday, I was with a friend when he bought a(used) gun at Cabelas in Louisville. He received the same complement of items-a trigger lock and Youth pamphlet. He and I both have bought many, many guns from Cabelas(I've probably bought at least 10 since they opened, and my friend at least that many) and have never been offered these items.

    That lead my friend and I to discussing if there had been a law change, or possibly a directive from the ATF, concerning including these two items with a sale. It seems a bit more than coincidence to me that both stores would start insisting on including these items in roughly the same time span.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or information on this?

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    That is indeed interesting.

    I'll be making a purchase here in NV within the next couple of months, so I'll pay close attention to the items you mentioned and if they are thrust upon me.

    That should help determine if it's a fed thing or just something happening in your state.

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    I'll have to look for it, but my LGS here you must sign a waiver acknowledging gun safety and child safety law and devices. This is on every single purchase.

    If you don't want the items throw them in the trash when you get home.
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    the ATF sometimes requires idiotic things .. had out lit, stuff like that. My PD has free gun locks, in foyer, just grab 'em if you want one .. I have grabbed a few dozen...I use them for various purposes...locking up luggage etc.

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    It sounds like this may be appropriate to the topic. Seems that it must come with SOME sort of safety device - perhaps a lockable case, or a chamber cable lock. In the case of my PPQ, it came with both, even though Colorado requires neither (other than what the federal part states).
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    I was in Gun Warehouse in Lexington recently to complete a trade (which I decided against). I had to initial a section on the application indicating there was a gun lock present, and then I was handed the same pamphlet. I went back again to discuss a second trade, which I didn't do as well, and I had to initial the same line and the sales associate was standing there with the pamphlet waiting to hand it to me once the transaction was agreed upon. I wondered as well what the purpose was for the pamphlet, so you are not alone.
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