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Thread: Get ready for Palmer II

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    Get ready for Palmer II

    If you read the two claims for relief and the prayer for relief from Gura's Complaint filed back in 2009 you might notice that Gura got what he asked for in the Complaint which was an injunction against the ban on carrying a handgun in public and the registration requirement for non-residents.

    Gura's ask for an order to issue licenses was in the "alternative" to issuing injunctions. Gura got the injunctions.

    Technically this case could be closed with the new may-issue law without any of the defendants obtaining a permit.

    Regardless, a new complaint will need to be filed which means the whole process starts anew.
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    KY Jelly?

    Another case of getting bent over compromising. Will Palmer get a kiss from them before being taken care of is the next question.
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    Alternate pleading is acceptable. Now they will have to exhaust their administrative remedies and file an administrative appeal?

    Now, that's a fix !

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