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Thread: Montville, N.J. Plan Would Allow Searches Without Warrants For Underage Drinking

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    Montville, N.J. Plan Would Allow Searches Without Warrants For Underage Drinking

    MONTVILLE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) A proposed ordinance in Montville, New Jersey could give police officers broad powers including entering private property if underage drinking is even suspected.
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    Time for folks in NJ to start looking at and start issuing out notices of trespass ...

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    Montville NJ cannot supersede the Fourth amendment

    Montville NJ cannot supersede the Fourth amendment, the ACLU would be all over this. Nevertheless I passed on this passed on this piece of information to the NJ Gun Forums. It's good to publicize these proposals despite that they (probably) won't go anywhere. If anything it shows the intention of the powers that be and how little they value our rights.
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    unfortunately the 4th amendment bends with the wind of social acceptance of what is an "unreasonable search"

    we have to think about the children
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    Only NJ would ever consider such a violation of the Constitution. Soon I will be gone from this vile Unconstitutional State.

    Delaware here I come....


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    Will they be using SWAT to enter these homes? Some kid might puke on them, so SWAT, then HAZMAT.
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