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Thread: little help before my visit

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    little help before my visit

    Hey guys. Next weekend I will be visiting a friend in Phoenix. I realize that arizona passed constitutional carry and no license or permit is required to oc or cc. I also realize businesses have the right to refuse entry while carrying if they so choose through posted sign. I have the option of either oc or cc through various holster options. My question is if I decide to oc while I am there is there anything I should know from some of you local guys before I carry. Just want to be safe. Going to be looking around a little but at some homes, although I'm not really looking for a home in the Phoenix area, just arizona in general. Can't wait to get out of California.

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    Welcome to Arizona!

    Welcome to Arizona!

    If you are:
    Over 18: No permit is required to carry loaded or unloaded, openly.
    Over 21: No permit is required to carry loaded or unloaded, openly or discretely.
    You can carry whichever way you prefer and that is legal for your age range.

    There are some exceptions;

    You can't carry openly into any place that sells alcohol for consumption on the premises.
    You can't carry discretely into any place that serves alcohol for consumption without a concealed carry permit. Your firearm must remain concealed, and, you can NOT consume alcohol!
    You can't carry discretely into any place that serves alcohol for consumption if they have signs posted prohibiting firearms. (They don't get my money...)

    Private businesses can ask you to leave, if you don't you can be charged with trespassing. (None of my money there either!)

    No carrying into government buildings or onto school grounds. The 1000' GFSZ law isn't enforced in AZ.
    Be careful around reservation land, they have their own rules and it can get dicey.

    Of course, drinking and carrying can be bad combination, don't!

    When in a vehicle, you may carry discretely, but if stopped by a LEO, you might be asked if you have a firearm, if you are asked, you must tell them. They might take the firearm for the duration of the stop.

    AzcdlFred posted this:
    I highly recommend you print and read this document:
    It's the best free resource you can find for Arizona's gun laws and what they mean.
    Thanks Fred!

    It's always best to go directly to the source of the law to find out where you stand!

    Links to Laws:

    You probably won't run into any problems during your stay, the sight of firearms in AZ is pretty common. You might get a comment or a question about the make/model/caliber you're carrying, that's about it!

    Enjoy your stay!

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    The DPS document is no longer valid. It was from back in the days when DPS controlled the CCW process.

    I recommend buying the Arizona Gun Owner's Guide instead.

    And, for laws, I prefer going right to the statutes

    Weapons Misconduct is in ARS 13-3102. That's where you'll find most of the legal do's and don'ts on carrying.


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    You have received some great advice. The Arizona Gun Owners Guide can be purchased at many places in the Phoenix area like: most gun shops or ranges including: Scottsdale Gun Club; which should be on your places to visit list if you like shooting really cool guns including many full auto's that they have to rent.

    PS - if anyone sees Alan Korwin before the AzCDL get together on October 11, can you ask him if he has digital copies for sale online? I couldn't find a link to one to help this Gent, (my Search-FU maybe off) and it occurred to me that it could be a useful tool for those who don't live here to download & read on the plane before they get here.
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    Good advice above and I also recommend the Korwin book (no digital copies AFAIK). Enjoy your time in 2A friendly AZ. Once here perhaps we'll see you at some of the OC events.

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    Looks like you got a lot of help.

    This is a thead I started not to long ago to help me. Answered a lot of questions. Have fun!

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