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Thread: I have completely lost faith in the government and the D, R, I running it ...

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    I have completely lost faith in the government and the D, R, I running it ...

    EDITORIAL: Scotland, saved from secession But the decisive vote hasnt cooled secession fever in other places

    a Republican who lives outside Dallas on disability payments, may be the accurate voice of secession sentiment. I have totally, completely lost faith in the federal government and the people running it, whether Republican, Democrat, independent, whatever.

    Secession sentiment, which is actually nothing like the anger that drove the South out of the union a century and a half ago, has nevertheless encouraged a group of partisans in Texas to petition the legislature to put a secession question on the ballot. Thats not likely, but clearly the natives, like those in Glasgow and Aberdeen, are getting restless. The wise take heed of small things.
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    In TX they cannot put binding stuff up for a vote in a Gen. Election via petitions?

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    but he has plenty of faith in those disability payments!

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