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Thread: Permit Application Questions...

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    Permit Application Questions...

    I personally already have my permit and have had it for a few years now, however my fiancee is looking to get hers through West Hartford, and I had a few questions on what's allowed under the new laws...

    I went on the West Hartford PD's website and found their instructions and application, it appears the application itself is the standard state with no supplemental form (that's good at least, right?) but...their instructions have me a bit curious. The state form DPS-799-C was revised 05/22/13, and I can't find a copy on the SLFU site, so not sure if it's the most recent or not. The Towns instructions state they were revised February of, definitely recent.

    The town states to get the application and your certificate and drop them off with cash or check (No mention of money order or bank check, thought that was odd) in the amount of $81.50. They state this is $16.50 for the FBI check, $50.00 for the state check, and $15.00 for a WHPD service fee...which wouldn't bother me much except they then want the $70.00 the application states when you pick up the temporary permit.

    This is in addition to them wanting you to schedule an interview with an assistant chief of police and get fingerprinted at this point...has me a bit...concerned. Is that extra $15.00 allowed under the law now? Or just a way to sneak through something extra?

    Anyone have recent experience dealing with WHPD and permitting?

    Should I just have her do the state required form, fingerprint cards from the State Police and send it in certified mail? (Assuming she's willing to risk the additional hassle)

    ETA: Stopped in around 7:20am today after I got out of work. Nearly couldn't get an application as the main desk didn't have any, but an officer conveniently walked in while the desk officer was looking and went and retrieved a copy from somewhere else. Apparently you usually have to go to records to get a copy. When the officer handed me the application I was brusquely instructed to make sure I follow the directions.

    Additionally, the $81.50 they want at time of application, which for them is whenever you make your interview appointment with an assistant chief says cash or check payable to Town of West Hartford (Emphasis theirs)

    Thinking of contacting SLFU because if nothing else it sounds like the town is pocketing background check money.
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    West Hartford as many town and cities now required an interview. Yes again many towns require the payment for these to be paid out to them, than when you receive your Temp Permit you will pay the state what they want also. Again you can refuse to follow there instructions and requirements and file an appeal which will require a long wait for your date to appear at your hearing. (over 8 months)
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