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Thread: "just doing our jobs" routine not a winning argument-immunity gone

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    "just doing our jobs" routine not a winning argument-immunity gone

    A federal judge has ruled that police officers and a physician who medically paralyzed a man to conduct a cavity search for drugs in Tennessee are not immune from prosecution.

    whaat? but anal probing is necessary, always !

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    Too bad that we cannot remove the judge's and prosecutor's immunity too.
    Provision for free medical attendance and nursing, for clothing, for food, for housing, for the education of children, and a hundred other matters, might with equal propriety be proposed as tending to relieve the employee of mental strain and worry. --- These matters obviously lie outside the orbit of congressional power. (Railroad Retirement Board v Alton Railroad)

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    The defendants' attorneys have argued they're immune from prosecution because they were just doing their jobs.
    Let me see here, I seem to recall a little town in Germany where some people tried that same defense.... It didn't work then.

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    ... The magistrate judge found that all aspects of the traffic stop complied with the Fourth Amendment, and concluded that the digital rectal examination was lawful because it was not a “search” under the Fourth Amendment, and even if it was a “search,” LaPaglia and the officers acted reasonably under the circumstances.
    Oh, no... we're not searching the house for evidence of a crime, we're merely examining the house to make sure no illegal items are being held within.

    Horse hockey. A search is a search.
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