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Thread: Guns and cameras, security-blankets. 'Surveillance in New Orleans.' Great blog essay.

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    Guns and cameras, security-blankets. 'Surveillance in New Orleans.' Great blog essay.

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    Conventions of the Genre - Underappreciated within the New Orleans film scene is a subgenre I call Marigny Surveillance Theater, a species of short film that combines low budget and high dudgeon. Generally shot in grainy black-and-white and posted to YouTube, these snippets of security footage are captioned with all-caps excoriations of the “thugs” whose transgressions they document, with exclamation points applied liberally as sprinkles on a sundae of delicious homeowner outrage.
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    The CCTVangelist - Our city’s crime-camera clusterfuck has, like so many other failures, provided an opening for the ambitious private sector to prove it can do the crucial oppressive work of government at considerable cost savings. A few years back, it suddenly seemed every crime story on prompted a comment from one Bryan Lagarde of Project NOLA, shilling his crime cameras. He was all over the Marigny forum, where he found an eager, receptive audience for his sales pitch. He was a man on a mission.
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    The decision to carry a gun wasn’t one I had fully thought through the implications of; it had been a reaction to fear which I rationalized and then habitualized. Without delving any further into the thorny politics of firearms, I now see the pistol I used to pack for what it was: a security blanket, a magic talisman I superstitiously hoped would insulate me from the brutal economic inequalities of the place I chose to live.
    When I quit carrying a handgun around, I found I stopped looking at casual interactions as potential shootouts. If you have a camera, you might feel better without it.

    A comment from elsewhere: Which leads to the question of how long will it be before the government makes this stuff mandatory? With the $10 fee of course; Just because you're wearing 'virtual chains' doesn't mean you won't have to pay for them.
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