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Thread: Who gave you the right to take my guns from me?

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    Who gave you the right to take my guns from me?

    I have been wondering the "Why" of gun control. Why do you want to disarm me? I have passed many, many background checks. I am not a criminal or have a criminal past. I am your Father, your Brother, your Friend down the street. I am your Mother, Sister or Girlfriend, I am your neighbor. I may have Military service, then again, I may not. Now I must ask again, "Why me, why do you not trust me with a gun?"

    What do you have planned for me that my being armed scares you so much? The People are beginning to fear the .gov instead of the other way around. The .gov is getting so large and convoluted that we will soon be outnumbered.

    My Country was born from fire, a conflict that used guns to ensure that the People would never be disarmed or oppressed by the .gov that seems to not trust us. What is the fear, why are they so afraid of the People being armed?

    I have always supported the Document. I study my Constitution every day. The Second is not difficult. I use this chart to explain it.
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    A person is smart, people are dumb.

    Most people can't understand the 2A because they don't know basic English. Nor the basic logic in order to call a militia to action, the populace must have access to arms prior to being called to the militia.

    People are afraid of what they don't understand. They've been insulated in that fear for 20, 30, 50 years. There are far worse things in this world than being afraid of guns. Spiders, for one. Just kidding. The online bullying and school bullying that pushes one over the edge. Violent treatment of spouses that create long-lasting issues. Violent treatment of children that create long-lasting issues. Desperation to belong to something, which ends up being something of the LCD: gangs. Lack of pride and accomplishment because it's just too damn hard to do schoolwork, housework, etc. It's so much easier to play games or watch tv and be spoon-fed opinions and misinformation- or incomplete information.

    If we would stop treating people like idiots, we'd stop making better ones.

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    Well, clearly it isn't because most people are afraid of the gun or the person wearing it as shown by the numerous people who loudly confront armed citizens screaming in their face about how scary the gun is.

    I think it is more subtle. When I first started carrying, family asked, "What are you afraid of that you feel you need to carry a gun?" When I met my wife, her comfortable, urban, middle-upper middle class friends asked similar questions.

    I think the issue is that YOUR carrying a gun challenges the unarmed people around you ask themselves why you are armed and they are not; to question if there is some immediate threat they are missing. Most people don't want to think that way. They prefer being the sheep and they like their sheepdogs plainly uniformed or badged so they can, without effort, separate the GG from the BG.

    We criticize those people but it is the majority and always has and always will be. Humans recognize and remember great warriors, leaders and defenders because they are the exception rather than the rule. We also remember the Jeremiah Johnsons (not making a value judgment on his actions), the loners who show amazing individual toughness (and brutality) without any greater purpose.

    But again, those are the exceptions to the average person of any era. We citizens who choose to deal with the hassles of EDC are not a homogeneous group. We live and work in different areas with different threats. Some of us carry simply for self-preservation and would be disinclined to act for others, and others would be inclined to run towards the sound of gun fire to see if others are in the need of help (yeah, yeah, simplified to make the point) and some are just fearful of personal attack.

    Whatever our individual reasons, threat assessments or willingness, the fact remains that we are and will remain in the minority. Even if gun ownership grows over 50%, EDC will remain a minority and some of those who make different decisions will continue to dislike that our decisions explicity remind them that the world can be a dangerous and scary place that they are perhaps not perpared to deal with mentally, emotionally or physically.

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