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Thread: LAC owned Armed Drone

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    LAC owned Armed Drone

    I live in a park and I have wooded areas and or water on all sides of my property. I have been considering a video drone to deploy above my house without exposing myself. When I saw this one by accident on yoo toob, I almost fell of my chair, jumped up and yelled "I gotta have one of these!!"

    What would the legal ramifications be when(not if) arming my drone? It would be a fun experiment to home build a small armed drone for personal use. Would I need a serial number?, he said as he chuckled.

    What kind of range could I use? The possibilities here are endless(fun).

    I like the comment at 2:35, where he says "look at that guys head rolling down" WARNING mild profanity

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    I'd be willing to co-develop such a weapons system .... get a patent and license the patent.

    Anyone willing ? Need to look into this as a standard invention development. Anyone interested in examining such a venture, pm me.

    A mutual secrecy agreement and development contract would be required prior to any work.

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    depends on if you live in Jersey....

    this drone could return fire...
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