Judge Cohn ruled from the bench yesterday that the freedom of information commission cannot find abuse simply because one files a multitude of appeals to the commission.

Many folks file many requests, get no response or responses that do not comply with our FOIA Act, and then file appeals in each case..leading to an active citizen having many complaints before the freedom of information commission (that everyone should try to get abolished !)

Under 1-206(b)(2) the commission can decide not to hear a case for 3 reasons: 1) injustice 2) abuse of admin process 3) jurisdictional issues

It was under abuse that the commission claimed that they could not hear my various cases simply because the commission is overburdened and I filed many complaints with them. The judge would have none of that and ruled in 2 seconds that filing many cases is not abuse.

I expect a written decision in about 1-3 months time. I'll post it if possible.

Many folks have filed multiple cases (some almost equal to mine - like Ed P....that the commission has said disparaging things about recently in their regular meetings).... so I'll pass this information along if anyone gets one of their goofy notices not to schedule a case.