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    OC gear

    As many know here I am not one to recommend a product. But this one surprised me! I have been carrying 24/7 for the last 40 years as of this month. I have used many dozens of holster and belts but none seem to keep a heavy loaded weapon tight against your side. Now these days I carry a Glock 21sf loaded with Hornady Critical Duty rounds and a double mag pouch too boot. As many of you know this gets a bit heavy and causes even the best Bianchi belt to sag miserably. I found and now wear a belt that is really well made and made in the USA! and hold the heavy gun and mags high and tight as I prefer it. In 40 years this is the first time I found a high quality belt far cheaper than Bianchi. Here is the links to the Holster store.. note the price $39.95 and it's worth twice the price in my opinion when you consider what Bianchi and other brands cost. I hope this helps anyone who has the same issues with carry of heavy weapons.
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    OC gear

    Nice belts looks like. They should serve you well. However - if you really need to haul a lot of weight, look for something with a Kevlar insert in between the layers of leather. Aker (USA) makes some good ones that can be found (only on sale) for less than $40 @ They are capable of supporting dual FNH FNX-45's or a G21 & BUG without sagging. If you sign up for their email specials you can usually get a promo code for 20% off knock the price below $40 and free shipping on orders over $99. Bought 3, been wearing one now for over a year of hard daily use, no issues. Most comfortable, durable non duty/instructors type belt I have found!

    What ever your gear is - carry safely and often. :cool
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