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Thread: .22 ammo

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    .22 ammo

    Yeah, I know this doesn't really have anything to do with OC, however I was open carrying during...

    So, yesterday I'm up in Prescott with the wife, walking around, browsing shops, and I found a 500 round brick of .22 Blazers. The last one on the shelf. Not quite same price as I would've paid 5 years ago, but heck, I've been firing off a couple hundred rnds each weekend ever since I got 2 more 25rnd mags for my M&P 15-22 (it is such a fun gun to shoot!). Went into a nice art store at the square and an older lady who was leaving remarked "Oh, you can walk around armed here?" to which I replied "Yes." She wasn't alarmed or judgmental. More than anything she just seemed curious. The proprietor (who was also the photographer) said, "Of course you can. In fact, I prefer that you do!" That made my day!

    Today, the wife and I stopped at our local Wally World for a few supplies, and as is my habit, I enquired if any .22 ammo was available. Surprise, surprise! Between the 2 of us we were able to purchase six 100 rnd boxes of CCI. Very happy about that!

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    This is good news! SLOWLY...oh so slowly...the 22LR stock is coming back.
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    I've been told that all shortages of ammo are due to consumers not suppliers. Suppliers have the ammo yet due to consumer hype .22 has been the newest ammo with a "shortage", another caliber will be soon to come up with the shortage label in due time.

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