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Thread: D.C. lawmaker David Grosso suggests disarming city police officers

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    D.C. lawmaker David Grosso suggests disarming city police officers

    "A D.C. Council member participating in a forum on police-community relations suggested that one way to improve interactions would be to strip Metropolitan Police Department officers of their firearms.
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    America is a gun-oriented society, so any idea of an unarmed police force is just fantasy. Police would be at a total disadvantage,” said Delroy Burton, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Fraternal Order of Police."
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    There's a good job .. cop in DC

    You know they hide and collect a pycheck

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    I was hoping the article was going to read 'if DC is not going to respect the 2A for citizens, and as such DC is a GFZ, the cops s/b unarmed too'. Issues of protecting your person applies whether you are a cop or a LAC.

    Instead just a lib 'envisioning a better world w/o guns'. The guy probably says Islam is the 'religion of peace'. Explain that to the Kurds and Yazidis....
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