The legislative office building (LOB) has a whopping ONE checkpoint.

Another one is located at the Capitol building, that you can then gain access to the LOB ... making a whopping TWO

Well, I went to visit Jim Tracy at 10:30am to collect some records I requested on 8 MAR 13 (yea, over a year to get the records...580 days to be exact--how happy am I with our records laws? Not to happy!).

So I discover that they have a checkpoint (metal detector search, search of papers, search of briefcase, etc.)..TSA treatment.
So I bitch about it to the operators .. Capitol policeman comes over and tells me to stop complaining....wrong thing to tell me. I curse him out and demand that he shut the Puck up or arrest me. He leaves me alone after that and keeps his mouth shut.

So I get my records and I leave the LOB...went to a secretary of state building nearby.

I go back to the LOB to go to a committee meeting that was scheduled at about 2pm. Now I'm there for a meeting so our open meetings laws come into play. So I tell them that I am there for a committee meeting, to attend the meeting. Still have to go through the checkpoint ... no way I say...CGS Sec. 1-225(e) [] prohibits a requirement for me to go through a checkpoint... so I zip over to the FOI commission and file a complaint.

I missed the 2pm meeting ... but went back after filing a complaint with the FOI commission (nearby building) and walked the distance taking me 20 minutes (no way a handicapped person can make it IMO -- and I was closer than the parking available when the LOB parking garage is full) ... went to the LOB for a 3pm committee meeting ... still would not let me in w/o a search of me and my belongings.

Back to the FOI commission for a second complaint for the different committee meeting.

Now these a---holes could have put their LOB checkpoint in a heated/AC skywalk leading from the parking garage to the LOB but instead put it wherein one has to go out into the elements (and when busy stand outside in the rain, snow, cold, lightning etc).

Anyone else have issues ... these a--hole legislators are now going to start to get home visits from me ... I generally dislike being searched.