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Thread: Does race shape Americans' passion for guns? Race and America's gun culture.

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    Does race shape Americans' passion for guns? Race and America's gun culture.

    What if large groups of African-American men carrying shotguns and semi-automatic rifles started moseying into stores across America to tout their support of open-carry gun laws?

    Would they be greeted by the same anxious looks shoppers gave groups of armed white men who did the same this summer at Target stores and chain restaurants like Chipotle? Or something more lethal?
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    I am responsible for my writing, not your understanding of it.

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    I used to suggest the blacks in Chicago to band together and clean their guns outside on their porches...

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    Isn't something similar to that what led to a fully (D) controlled gov't to pass the '68 GCA?
    Bob Owens @ Bearing Arms (paraphrased): "These people aren't against violence; they're very much in favor of violence. They're against armed resistance."

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    I think EVERYONE should assert their rights in order to protect them, them being the individuals, their respective race or ethnic group, and their rights.
    Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stealthyeliminator
    So in actuality you have no evidence that anything wrong took place, you only believe that it could be spun to appear wrong. But it hasn't been. The truth has a funny way of coming out with persistence, even if it was spun negatively the truth would find its way because these people will not accept less.
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    The truth causes some people so much pain they can only respond with impotent laughable insults. Life must be rough for those people.

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    Whether people want to admit it or not, race shapes a lot of things.

    It shouldn't, but it does.
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