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Thread: Sierra County Residents

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    Sierra County Residents

    The upcoming election sheriff is important one. The Republican candidate Glenn Hamilton is a supporter and defender of the Constitution. His opponent Democrat Michael Lanford has written that he is a strong believer in the values in the Constitution.

    They have both been asked whether they would confiscate firearms if a law was passed or an order was given. Hamilton's answer to the question in writing - This is an easy one, Not no but Hell no! I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Lanford's answer to the question in writing - If elected I will be sworn to uphold all laws local, state AND federal.

    Educate yourself and vote!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gunscribe View Post
    They have both been asked whether they would confiscate firearms if a law was passed or an order was given.
    And what law or order would that be?

    IMO feeding people leading questions just to elicit a response and have some controversy is BS.

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    Yep...sounds like Lanford's using Weasel Words, as per usual with Democrats, especially since most of them don't want to alienate voters, ANY voters, even if they ARE pro-gun voters (besides selling-out America by pandering to Hispanics...but that's another topic).

    But you know, Republicans need to do LOTS MORE for the pro-gun cause, as in most instances (even as Presidents, and even as Governors, as per sorry RINO Governor Perry in TX), they do ALMOST NOTHING to "get stuff done" WHILE they have the power (meaning, being elected to office) and have the chance TO get something done.

    Since (IMO) the Republican party is going to become extinct, there isn't much time for them to DO something before it happens. As the saying goes, it's so much harder to REPEAL a law then it is to make before Repubicans become a completely irrelevant and ineffective party, they need to get some laws passed...before the screen door hits them on the way out. ;-)

    Here in The Great State of Colorado, we hope to kick out sorry Democrat Governor Hickenlooper (H), and elect Republican Beauprez (B). No, B isn't that great (the guy I voted for in the Republican Primary here didn't make it), but H MUST GO for sure. Not only to get rid of the bum, but teach him a lesson, too. We HOPE B will "do better" and even help get the anti-gun laws H signed (i.e., banning 15+ "high capacity magazines" here) repealed.*

    But as mentioned, it's harder to repeal than pass...

    Whatever, sure, we still can elect Rs (Republicans: Few Independents and Libertarians can get elected (unfortunately) so we have either Ds or Rs to choose from), but at the same time, the Rs need to DO something...not just be bench-warmers their entire term of office -- business as usual, and at best, just treading water instead of being aggressive and moving forward.

    Good luck there in NM!

    *...which messed me up recently as I could not order those Tapco 20-rd magazines for my 2 Tapco SKS stocks. :-(


    ADDED (10-17-14):

    We hope to get rid of that sorry US Senator Udall (D) also, so we hope when the November 4th Election results come out, both Hickenlooper and Udall will have gotten the boot. If that happens, it'd be not only a clear message from Colorado voters -- "Don't mess with Colorado" (sorry to steal your slogan, Texas, even if it is only re: littering) -- but also a warning to other CO politicians who even think to try the same anti-gun (and other) liberal BS here. And, we hope it'll be a new (or at least a "restart") of Colorado getting back on the conservative track...more Red than Blue, and hopefully no longer Purple. :-) guys & gals in NM, you all likewise do your best to throw out the trash!

    P.S. MOST County Sheriffs here in Colorado are VERY pro-gun/armed citizen, and many Sheriffs will NOT enforce the "15+ high capacity magazine ban" Hickenlooper (et all) passed a while back. I hope most Sherriff Departments in NM are also pro-gun and pro-armed citizen.

    BTW, here in CO, the Police Departments AND the State Police have NOTHING to do with issuing CC permits -- only the Sheriff Departments of each County issue CC permits to its county residents (but the permit is good in the entire state of CO, of course, and can be renewed in ANY county). Consequently, the assorted City Police Departments and the State Police here in CO don't even KNOW who has or does not have a CC permit if/when they pull you over, as the Sheriff Departments do not share that info with them. And don't want to...good on them!

    Not so in TX, where the DPS issues CC permits, and the police/troopers DO know who has a CC permit when they run your license plates. Probably also true in NM...
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