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Thread: NYPD court settlements cost taxpayers nearly half a BILLION dollars...

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    NYPD court settlements cost taxpayers nearly half a BILLION dollars...

    New York City taxpayers have shelled out nearly half a billion dollars in NYPD-related settlements over the past five years.
    What, five or so settlements a day?

    Each officer is responsible for ~$12,423 in settlements since 2009. Each officer is responsible for ~15 civil violation each day since 2009.

    Fun with numbers.

    How many NYPD cops were shown the door for costing the taxpayers this much money.
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    As Gothamist pointed out, The largest settlement on the list, $11.5 million, resulted from the case of Google engineer Sasha Blair-Goldensohn, who was hit and partially paralyzed by a falling tree limb in Central Park in 2009.

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    New Yorkers getting clubbed by tress? Love it ! Even trees hate these people.

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    yawn.... just borrow some more money.

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