The legislature has new security theater procedures in place.

Not only will you personally be searched.

So will your belongings.

And get ready for the DOGS.

Yes, dogs, 2nd page of attachment press release , point 8.

Line up folks .... bend over...get ready for these CHECKPOINTS to gain access to public hearings at the capitol complex.

The press release attached shows that these new measures are not even needed ! DHS told them that their passive pre-checkpoint security measures were adequate ! Now they add checkpoints.

These checkpoints violate our constitution, Art. III, Sec. 16 that require all debates to be public. We have a right to attend. Placing conditions on attendance violates that right.

This right is further codified in CGS Sec. 1-225(e) that prohibits ANY CONDITION precedent to attendance at any meeting, including meetings of members of the general assembly.