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Thread: cop beats gf's dog with mop, strangles said dog, texts pic of corpse to said gf

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    Angry cop beats gf's dog with mop, strangles said dog, texts pic of corpse to said gf

    Why was this psychopathic loser hired as a cop in the first place? Why did he only receive a year sentence? Why are his parents claiming that that sentence is excessive? Why isn't this monster being placed in general pop?

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    I wonder if he was tested for steroids...
    Quote Originally Posted by Primus
    "Well.... If you take my hat. Decide to wear my hat. Its in your possession ."

    "I call popo say "he has my hat i left it at his house". They go talk to you. You say its yours. Sounds like a civil court matter."

    "Now I instead say he robbed me... Well popo done go and cuff you up I keep hat or it goes to go to court I testify you done did rob me. You now have to prove you didn't...."

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    More suitable for Cop Watch type forum.

    Locked it.

    Consider carefully the user/poster liability when building a history of such posts.
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