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Thread: Luzerne Rep. Marty Flynn D, traded shots with robber. No hits.

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    Luzerne Rep. Marty Flynn D, traded shots with robber. No hits.

    Police say four youths whose attempted robbery of two Pennsylvania state legislators led to a shootout also robbed three other people near the state Capitol a day earlier.

    Investigators said Wednesday that state Rep. Marty Flynn was justified in using his gun for defensive purposes after being accosted Tuesday night with Rep. Ryan Bizzarro. 102 articles
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    Those state senators should stay in THEIR chambers.

    A politician having an issue ... I'm trying to shed a tear but cannot...

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    Noticed they were both democrats. Does the capitol have gun lockers? Handguns in the 'hallowed hall's' of legislature illegal for the peeps but okay for the 'house of lords?'.
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    The State Capitol Building in Harrisburg has storage facilities in compliance with Section 913(e) of the Uniform Firearms Act. Firearms are prohibited inside the building, not because it's the State Capitol Building per se, but because it is a Court Facility, housing the Pa. Supreme Court.

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