Horry clap!
LOUDON (WATE) - Loudon County commissioners voted 10 to zero Monday night to take down warning signs that prohibit firearms inside the county's office building.

This idea was pitched by recently elected Loudon County Mayor Rollen "Buddy" Bradshaw, who says this move is all about safety.

The signs were taken down Tuesday morning only at the county office building off River Road.

Mayor Bradshaw says the ban on guns inside county offices was outdated.

"What the gun signs in effect did was disarm a law abiding citizen, and I didn't feel comfortable being a part of that," said Mayor Bradshaw. "I think this makes us safer. In my opinion removing the signs is the same thing as removing a bullseye."

Some residents 6 News spoke with are glad about the change.

"If he's looking for more protection and better protection from law abiding citizens, that's exactly what he's going to get," said Loudon resident Jack Lawing.
Would someone from there please collect the appropriate samples of whatever infected those worthy politicians and make them available to those of us still suffering from the mental [expletive deleted]-ness of our "leaders"?

stay safe.