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Thread: THANK YOU for saving us from the spammers!!

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    THANK YOU for saving us from the spammers!!

    My heartfelt thanks to Grapeshot, John and Mike!

    It's nice to be back "home" again without the spammers!

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    Looks like Grape woke up and had his coffee ! Good job.

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    Looks like all my crap talking did some motivating!

    LOL JK guys, nice work. I'm impressed. Don't take it personally. I know you won't.
    Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis.

    μολὼν λαβέ

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    So in actuality you have no evidence that anything wrong took place, you only believe that it could be spun to appear wrong. But it hasn't been. The truth has a funny way of coming out with persistence, even if it was spun negatively the truth would find its way because these people will not accept less.
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    The truth causes some people so much pain they can only respond with impotent laughable insults. Life must be rough for those people.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property... Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.

    Thomas Paine

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    Spam reported. in the thread thanking them for getting rid of spam...............
    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

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